Tale of Pirates, A: A Dummy Mutiny Studio Clangore / Cranio Creations Digital 2018

Ever wanted to dress up as a Pirate, talk like a Pirate, shoot like a Pirate? Make all of this socially acceptable by putting up your Virtual Reality Thingamajig and showing everyone who's boss. I mean, buccaneer. Imagine being the captain of a sturdy pirate ship and its jolly crew; now imagine all your crew, err, is made of dummies. Angry dummies on the brink of a mutiny. It's up to you to put everyone to their place, so grab your flintlock pistols and be ready to face the dummiest threat of your seafaring career. Raise, aim, shoot - it's simple as that. Get score for every man down (duh, dummy), plus a bonus for distance, headshots and combos, until no one stands up anymore. And don't forget to shoot back their bullets, if that's the right word to call them. From Seas To Sands - Unlock 5 different scenarios through a mission-based system, then play back whichever you want from your cabin. Challenge your real life friends to beat your scores, or climb the leaderboard of the most unwearying buccaneers. Then pursue your piratey duties to get some shiny new achievement for your deeds.
Download: None currently available

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