Downward Spiral: Horus Station 3rd Eye Studios 2018

This takes players through a lost vessel abandoned by its crew with a complete focus on visual storytelling for single player or two player online co-op. Players will have to piece together the plot through observation and interpretation as they navigate the derelict space station's environmental storytelling, accompanied by the electronic ambient soundtrack composed by platinum selling HIM frontman Ville Valo. Solving the mystery of the space station will require the player to choose to engage or explore. In engage mode eliminate threats using the ship's maintenance hardware - like bolt throwers, thrusters, rail guns, grappling magnet and arc welders. In explore mode the stations threats will no longer be hostile, leaving the puzzles and atmosphere to find the truth of why Horus Station has been left drifting in space. In addition to Horus Station’s story campaign, there's eight-player PvP and PvE multiplayer modes including Deathmatch and Horde. It's also playable in stunning virtual reality for HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, Oculus Gamepad and Windows Mixed Reality for unparalleled immersion. Features: Atmospheric and mysterious solo or two player online co-op zero-g sci-fi thriller; A complete environmental storytelling experience without dialogue or cinematics; Totally new way to experience movement in zero g; Electronic ambient soundtrack composed by platinum selling HIM frontman Ville Valo; Range of bolt throwers, rail guns, grappling magnets and electro magnetic devices to use against threats; Optional Explorer mode that completely removes threats leaving the story and puzzles; 8 player zero g deathmatch and horde modes; Playable in Flat or VR mode.
Download: None currently available

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