Prison Experiment, The: Battle Royale Aerolab Studios LTD 2018

Early Access Release In Summer Heights Correctional Facility, the government are using the prison to experiment on the inmates. As the prison population has been pushed to the brink the government have been pitting inmates against each other as apart of a psychological observation know as The Prison Experiment. With a ticket home and a pardon from the warden on the line, walking free has never cost so much. This is a third person Battle Royale experience with a twist. You will be faced with a totally unique gaming experience designed to separate the strong from the weak. This game is not just offering a fifty man free for all mode, we also offer different game modes for a truly immersive playing experience. We want players to get the full Battle Royal experience and more. Classic Battle Royale - This is what players have come to expect from a Battle royale game. Fifty players enter the game but only one can claim the victory. Be sure to keep moving though as cell blocks will begin to close off and you will left trapped with no way out. King of the Cell Block - This is our take on a classic game mode. Fifty players are spawned randomly in five sectors of the map. Each five sections will have their own last man standing fight and the winners of each section are pushed into the sixth and final location of the map. The last five players standing will fight again, and the winner will take home the victory. Player stats are hosts on our dedicated servers
Download: None currently available

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