Savanna Shot VR SAT-BOX 2018

You are a savanna's National Park Ranger. With nature-rich savannah, you must drive a 4WD off-road car and use an anesthetic gun to manage the ecology of animals. Many animals live in the vast savanna. Carnivores ... I am scared. It barks and attacks us. But do not shoot at animal's head. You are a Park Ranger on a friend of justice. If you look around, many animals run around freely and you will come across a group of zebras and hunting of the lions. Savanna has its sunny, rainy, sunset, night, rocky, forested, with pond. It is a super wild VR game that drive a car and move closer to the animals living in the savanna, let capture with an anesthesia gun. Carnivores will attack what they invade into their territory. Use the scope of anesthetic gun, if you aim an animal from a remote place, it is safe without stimulating the animals. Bullets should never be hit to the heads of animals. Because? You can understand it by playing the game. Mission mode - The purpose is to capture specific animals in 12 missions. Free mode - Let's catch as many animals as possible in time. Aim for high score.
Download: None currently available

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