Tank Slam Go All Games 2018

Blow stuff up. Ok it's a little bit more than that, but have fun, drive your tank, play with challenging scenarios against the meanest world leaders or create custom skirmish games where you make the rules. It can be as hard or easy as you like. We've made just about everything configurable so you can really play the game your way. We try to maximize re-playability so you get the most enjoyment for your time. Campaign Mode: 8 Stages with 5 levels in each stage of Battle mode; 2 Stages with 5 levels in each stage of Dodge mode; End of stage boss tanks; Starts easy, gets more challenging; Play against famous world leaders; Steam Achievements; Leaderboard. Skirmish Mode: Huge configuration options, change bullet bounce, speed, fire-rate, damage, effects, AI, health and more; Play on a big range of custom maps; Set Night or Day for lighting; Control Weather effects; Big range of pickups, boosts and traps; Chose a world leader to play against. Level Editor: Build your own levels; User created levels can be played in any skirmish game; Complete control of all map components; Share maps with friends or community. Multi-Player: Play on big variety skirmish levels; Create your own levels to challenge friends; Up to 4 players in a game; Different game modes (Battle, hide-and-seek... more coming soon).
Download: None currently available

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