Scud Frenzy Windybeard 2018

The Biggest Game Show in the Cosmos, brings you a fast paced eight-directional shooter about destruction, chaos, rewards and high-scores. You take control of a Scud and compete using skill, speed and your jet pack in a race against the clock to destroy everything in sight, collect as many items as possible and try your best to get a spot on the competitive leader boards. Use your jet pack to reach any area of the arena, find secret caverns full of prizes, grab power ups and powerful guns for maximum carnage, kill strange creatures and build up your frenzy meter for score multiplying goodness. Learn the arenas and find the best routes, Beat score targets on every level to unlock Scud medals to spend on crazy cosmetic customizations for your Scud. 40 Arenas to conquer, every arena is different, every leaderboard is yours for the taking but be warned... it won't be easy getting to the top. Keep moving... the clock is always ticking. It's best played with an official Microsoft control pad.
Download: None currently available

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