CometStriker Iced Lizard Games 2018

This is an arcade action shooter featuring dodging, strategic power-ups and intense boss fights, from the developers of Mute Crimson+. A world devouring, living space station has set its sights on your planet. Help Lt. Comet Striker on his journey to recover the Ancient Power Cores from various worlds in order to power the Planetary Defense Cannon, his world's only hope against this cosmic menace. Features: 5 levels filled with branching paths for added replayability; Easy to learn three button combat controls allow you to shoot left or right, or use your boosters to dodge in any direction; Every level has a variety of new enemies and hazards to learn, as well as minibosses and bosses to fight; 4 difficulty levels that change level layouts and enemy behaviors for new players up to arcade veterans; 5 unlockable characters that all have different equipment and play-styles to the main character; Unlockable boss rush modes to challenge the games toughest foes all in a row; Unlockable gameplay modifiers to create interesting challenge runs; Ranking system to keep track of your best and fastest runs; Single level mode so you can hone your skills and shoot for S Ranks; Stacking powerup system that rewards solid play with a stronger player; User-configurable controls; High frame rate support; Various video options.
Download: None currently available

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