Perfect Heist yeswecamp 2018

Early Access Release This is a round-based game, where 2 teams (cops vs robbers) try to execute/prevent the perfect bank heist. Includes an offline tutorial and an online mode to play with friends and strangers. A team of robbers is trying to infiltrate a bank, steal as much money as possible and then get away with their helicopter, while the cops are trying to identify the robbers in a crowd of NPCs and prevent the heist from happening. Features: two different teams (cops and robbers), each with different classes that offer unique abilities; multiple maps, that can be changed with a map vote; robbers can choose from a variety of masks, with each one offering different bonus stats; different, unique weapons like SMGs, shotguns and sniper rifles; supports player server hosting as well as dedicated servers; settings menu that includes full keybinding menu. The robbers have to blend in with a crowd of NPCs to not get shot by cops, while somehow smuggling explosives inside the bank, stealing money, and then getting away with it. They have a variety of options to pull off the perfect heist, for example, they can: kill NPCs and use their clothing as a disguise; hack ATMs to get money; smuggle a bag of explosives inside the bank, and blow up one of the money vaults; steal money and jewelry; call in a rescue helicopter and get away with the money; equip masks, that give away their identity as robbers, but give them bonus stats at the same time. The cops can access security cameras to monitor the bank, and use their unique abilities which include checking IDs, thermal vision or placing new cameras, to identify the robbers and then overwhelm them in a shoot-off.
Download: None currently available

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