SurvivalZ Battlegrounds KicklessGame 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: Apr 2/2019 This is a mini Battle Royale in a cubic world. Compete against players or AI in a map created to play games lasting less than 10 minutes. There can be a maximum of 16 players per game. Bots can be added in any game. Drops will supply the battlefield. Several vehicles are available on the map. Choice between more than 15 different weapons. Choose from one of the 5 characters available and go on the battlefield. A small sandbox world is available as a bonus. "War is like hunting, except that rabbits shoot at war" Features: Cubic open world; No less than 15 different weapons; Choice of 5 characters; A Battle Royale map and a Sandbox map; Bots; Drop system; Several vehicles with different designs.
Download: None currently available

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