Big Three, The Altay Workshop 2018

Early Access Release This is a Comedy-style Twin Stick Shooter game. In the year 1943, the Allies have achieved great victories on every battlefront. In order to accelerate the end the WWII, Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill gathered in Teheran for a meeting. In history, it was called the Teheran Big Three. Not reconciled to call it a failure, Hitler sent his best Special Forces, equipped with the latest secret weapons, to kill the Big Three and turn the table. But the Big Three were not surrender. The player will play one of the Big Three to break through the encirclement of the SF and destroy the secret weapons of Nazi. Finally, the player will catch Hitler and win the game. A large number of unfinished secret weapons in history will appear in the "big three", including the legendary super giant tank P1000 and the improved new Zeppelin. The Big Three also have matchable firepower. Players can not only purchase the right equipment at Keshen Logistics. You can also apply for air support and drive tanks against the Nazi army. Why is our game fun to play? Just like those classic FC and ARC twin stick shooter games, our game has fast paced battle mode and challenging bosses. Of course, the Big Three also keeps the settings of some classic old school games such as tank carriers and air support. In some levels, you can use carriers to destroy enemies quickly. Besides the exciting fighting mode, we also have plentiful Diablo-like skills and weapons. Each one of the Big Three has their own special skills to choose. For instance, Churchill has the skill of decreasing injuries, Roosevelt has the skill of enhancing the Air Force and Stalin is good at maneuver combat. What's more, the weapon system is abundant as well. There are 8 different styles of weapons with different special attack modes. For example, shield gun has low damage but high protection. It can protect you from enemies?attack. There'e also gauss rifles, the damage increases as the rife is charged longer. Moreover, there are more than 30 kinds of prefixes and suffixes that have effects on the statistics of weapons. For example, the prefix journalist can enhance the moving speed of the player, and immortal can enhance the DEF while lowering the moving speed. It can be played with single player or multi-players on steam basis (still being tested). There are three ways to conduct the on-line processing: being invited by friends into multiplayer games, fast matching and entering rooms. Players can choose any ways to play on-line. The game can be operated by either a mouse or a 360 gamepad. You can choose the operation mode at the beginning of the game.
Download: None currently available

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