Tappo II Shatterstorm 1999

This is another fun caveflier game from Finland, an action sub-genre that became very popular in that country in the early 1990s. The idea behind the game is the same as in every other caveflier: maneuver a small ship in tight caverns, blasting other ships to smithereens with a formidable arsenal weapons while fighting gravity and being careful not to hit the terrain. As its name implies (in Finnish), your goal is to kill as many enemies as you can. The game boasts an astounding variety few other cavefliers can match: 25 different spaceships, all of which have different abilities and weapons. Your arenas are caves of the gigantic planet Neraka Prime, each of which contains repairing platforms that you can use to repair your spacecraft and load ammunition, as well shops which sell upgrades and additional devices for a price. Before you play, you must first choose your identity in the game from a number of pilots. Because each pilot has his/her own strengths, weaknesses and personality, this adds an additional layer of complexity and greatly enhances its replay value. The game offers 3 different gameplay modes. The first is melee, where you fight against all other players solo or as part of a team. The player or team who first reaches the FRAG-limit wins the game. The other two modes are tournament play: either you (and another human or computer player) face off hordes of enemy fleets, or one at a time in one-to-one space dogfights. You are allowed to upgrade and repair your ship between battles in the tournament. All things considered, it's one of the best games of its kind you will ever come across, and especially addictive in multiplayer modes.
Free Game 6.22MB (uploaded by Zak.fi)

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