Nightstar: Alliance Tiny Leviathan Studios 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: Feb 28/2019 Shoot, destroy, equip, repeat. The retro arcade shooter we know and love is back, in VR. This is a retro arcade game at its core, full of action, story, and high-scores. Command and upgrade a heavily armed battlecruiser and forge a fleet capable of stopping the enemy intelligence that has decimated mankind. Only with this alliance can you hope to bring humanity back from the brink. An immersive 360 degree galactic war unfolds around you as you battle through breathtaking star systems. Features: Pilot a Nightstar Battlecruiser with intuitive and reactive third person controls; Customize your arsenal with a variety of bolt-on weapons and utility modules; Build an Armada and control their inventory; the attack fleet will aid your fight; Shoot a generated range of laser, blaster, flak and nuclear weapons; Destroy an unending scourge of Supremacy ships; Equip offensive and defensive shields, repair units, damage and fire rate mods; Repeat the battle and become the most notorious Nightstar Commander with Local and Online Leaderboards; Evolve your Battlecruiser with upgrades increasing size, module slots, armour and firepower; Follow the story of the Commanders who survived the attack on Terra through in game cut-scenes. Follow the story of the Commanders who survived the attack on Terra, as you forge the Alliance and seek a safe haven in the Outer Rim. The escape is cut short, however, and Dr Tali finds herself at the mercy of the machines. Rescue the legendary Commanders and utilize their unique powers and abilities to help your cause. Only then will you stand a chance against the scourge of the Supremacy. Explosive Firepower and Utility Modules - Discover and unlock an arsenal of heavy weapons, defensive utilities and doomsday devices as you save The human Colonies from the genocide of their rebellious AI. From automatic phase blasters, flak cannons and high propulsion lasers, to heat-seeking rocket pods and destructive nuclear weaponry - The Alliance has everything they need to reach the Outer Rim.
Download: None currently available

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