TABZ: Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator Landfall Games 2017

This is a super silly Totally Accurate Battle Simulator spin-off which transfers the chaotic physics and charming low poly character design of TABS to the multiplayer zombie survival genre with some great results. Much Like the fabulous SUPERTRUCK spin-off of CLUSTERTRUCK that was announced in 2016 April Fools Day, TABZ is an April Fools prank that's a genuine game and is a blast to play. As part of the prank, Landfall Games also jokingly claim to have cancelled development on TABS as 'honestly who wants to play a silly physics based simulator?'. Obviously the answer to that question is 'everybody', but TABZ is a fabulous little diversion – especially when you take into account that the Beta build only took 10 days to make. It's a fun game that offers plenty of physics based hilarity, 10 person multiplayer survival, fun first person zombie blasting combat and some absolutely ridiculous walking animations. The zombie survival genre just got a whole lot sillier.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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