Mutant Factions / Subvein Ben Johnson 2014

This is an GTA style free top-down 2D online multiple players action shooting game for Windows and Linux. It has tactical combat, skills & combo system, 30+ uniquely balanced weapons and vehicles, ranked servers, unique game modes and cosmetic unlockable maps. It's a very interesting indie game keeping active development. Imagine a more gorgeous and powerful online edition of GTA2 (or advanced edition of Counter-Strike 2D) with crazy cars and hot shooting, as well as the similar use of skills system in Diablo, killing opponents on the battlefield... These elements are just the experience this lightweight indie online game can bring us. Features: Multiple game modes, like Chemical Warfare, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Checkpoint, Survival, Outbreak mode; Dominate with 30+ kinds of weapons; 30+ mutate and develop powerful skills; Unlockable missions and special abilities; 30+ dirigible crazy vehicles; Built-in map maker for players' customization; Explore countless user-generated maps; Play with players from all over the world online; Level-based server for different level players; completely FREE. A commercial version was later released in 2017 as GeneShift.

See also: #Geneshift

Free Game v0.994 60MB (uploaded by Major Geeks)

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