Deadly Race Gametop 2010

The thrill of speed combined with the adrenaline of destruction is available in this freeware 3D game. The Earth has been destroyed by the umpteenth global thermonuclear conflict and the few survivors think well to use the semi-deserted streets of the city to organize clandestine races of unprecedented violence. This is a videogame where we will have to run by pressing the tablet pedal, maybe get there first and in the meantime sow death and destruction. More cars will blow up and the game will reward us: skulls superimposed, combos, double combos, our opponents will have to burn literally on the asphalt. We will be able to buy 6 vehicles: from sports cars to trucks and every vehicle purchased can be further enhanced by purchasing useful power-ups. The challenges to be played are 24 in total but we will have to win certain medals to unlock all the tracks contained in this game. The graphics engine runs very smooth at 1024x768 (other resolutions are not supported) and offers a good number of special pyrotechnic effects. The controls to be used are clearly visible over the top during the races: X, C, V keys to target the pilots controlled by the CPU with rockets, machine guns and mines, CTRL for the turbo and the cursor keys to drive. The game will automatically save our progress in the only available profile.
Free Game 44MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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