Tracer Korea Select Ware / Nesco, HIC Infocomm 1996

Not to be confused with 7th Level's game of the same name and released in the same year, this is a Japanese top-down shooter of the likes of Commando. In an alternate reality, the United Nations have rid the world of war by 2020 but an evil scientist has created a time machine in 2045 to stop this from happening as he believes wars are essential to humanity advancing in knowledge. Other scientists who want to preserve the peace create another time machine and send a super soldier back in time to prevent Dr. Elmures's evil plan from succeeding. There's two types of weapons with scattered and beam shots which can be upgraded to more powerful versions. There's also bomb to collect and use and the soldier only has a certain number of lives. As you shoot enemies, hearts to improve health and coins to increase your course are dropped and should be collected. There's 5 levels: prehistoric period, ancient Egypt, medieval fortress, World War II and the future. Each has a large boss at the end that must be defeated. Enemies are also nicely varied.
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