Doom: The Golden Souls 2 1994

This is the sequel of the groundbreaking Mario styled hub-based mod, this time you'll travel through levels with a world map, unlocking new paths by reaching secret exits or by collecting big coins. You must retrieve 7 Golden Souls stolen by the Cyberdemon's minions in order to save the world... once again. Thanks to the feedback of the community, GS2's gameplay is vastly improved over the original game: Higher jumps with an almost full air control.You can dodge,turn around in midair and make precise jumps from platform to platform; No Oxygen required - That's right, full underwater levels are coming; Pk3 with complete root, the new game's much more optimized than the original, every map is in UDMF format; Reload has been moved from right mouse button to R.
Download v1.0 197MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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