Strong Army [Ch] Ares Game Co. Ltd. / Nanjing QiangJun Network Co. Ltd. 2018

This is a first-person military game that responds to special operations and has a strong military. The plot is no longer just a pure military exercise, but is fully integrated with the actual battlefield needs, gradually integrated into the complex battlefield conditions of the South China Sea, the East China Sea, the unknown battlefield, etc., to improve the participation of players in the environment, command, coordination, information, weapons, The operation and cooperation of the vehicle. The first test game mode will include air sea raids, first-line vitality, top-notch glory (here return), scorpion king and other modes. The weapons cover the mainstream weapons of the world, including 95 series, MP5, MK14, AK47, Desert Eagle, 54 And other equipment. Armored Lion version has launched a tank battle mode, which will present a heavy load of steel torrents. In addition to the newly added armored male vehicle model, the new version also focuses on the military version of the firearm recoil system, which focuses on the optimization and improvement of the gun feel.
Chinese Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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