Super Kinky Dark Illusions Entertainment LLC 2018

Once there was an ordinary young woman (a very horny, ordinary young woman) to whom something extraordinary happened. One night during a heated threesome a bizarre accident occurred transforming her into SUPER KINKY, defender of mankind's naughty pleasures. Episode One: Balls Deep In The Dead - Now the succubus LILITH has stolen all of Earth's sex toys and taken them to the lusty second circle of Hell as gifts for her minions. Only one hero is kinky enough to penetrate the devil's back door and beat off evil to retrieve them. It's up to Super Kinky to restore naughty pleasure to humanity. Master three unique challenging arenas and do battle with enemies ranging from demonic gimps and bone-wielding skeletons to life-leeching vampires and fireball-throwing demons: Suckfest - A lair of female vampires hunger to suck you dry; Bareboned - Hard bone pounds soft flesh in this skeleton-filled dungeon; Hot And Horny - Flaming demons unload their fiery balls all over an ancient foundry. Features: High-speed, old-school FPS action; Environmental hazards and deadly traps; Over-the-top character customization; Dozens of sex toys to boost your score; No loot boxes, only loot for your box; In-game high score tracking and objective system; Destructible props and random item drops from enemies; Gallery of 50 naughty magazines to collect; Mature humor. This game is designed for mature audiences and may not be suitable for all players.
Download: None currently available

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