Bad Bots Rise High Leap Studios / Lamina Studios 2018

Early Access Release Jump, run and shoot. Engage in a fast-paced platform shooter game. A highly advanced alien robot civilization threatens earth's survival. Their goal: to harvest earth’s crystal core that will destroy the planet and drive humanity to its extinction. With their advanced weaponry, these alien invaders annihilate everyone with combat abilities. With no other choice but to save mankind, regular people arm up in order to secure humanity's future. Play as 5 unique characters with unique abilities in a fast-paced environment. Choose the right character in the right situation on a series of challenging levels with 3 different game modes packed with evil enemies and deadly traps. Features: Utilize 5 different characters with unique abilities; Experiment with different keystones to enhance your play style and boost your favorite character's ability; Immerse yourself in a high-risk, high-reward playstyle; Lose your sanity in fast-paced and action-packed levels in 3 different game modes.
Download: None currently available

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