MindFlight The Other 90% Technologies, Inc. 1996

Earth is about to be seized by alien power. You are who is going to save the planet. Apart from this "standard" node, the rest of the scenario is quite original, because of novelty brought in with MindDrive, a physiological input device, designed especially for game applications. So, the game is "mind-controlled" and this is an inherent part of the plot. In MindFlight we have full-motion, or "6D", control, and it gives lively sense of flight. This is a Descent-like rail shooter in which you fly around using an alien jet-pack (called the "Flight-Pack"). Since it's a rail shooter, you're always moving forward a certain path, but you can move your "ship" left, right, up and down using your thoughts (and the spacebar to toggle between left/right and up/down). Shooting your way into hordes of alien enemies, your mission is (of course) to save the planet earth by restoring the atmosphere and destroying the alien generator who's stealing it. Hurry, you must save humankind. YOU have the POWER.... In your MIND. The game is extremely diverse - somewhere it is a labyrinth game and somewhere is a flight simulator. There you will see open space scenes - mountain view and marine coast; and closed space ones - corridors, caverns and tunnels - all different; a valley burned by aliens and artificial constructions built by alien civilizations. In those environments you will be met by aliens themselves, with their saucers and ships, who will shoot you with lasers, fireballs and whatever else they may have at hand. All this is accompanied by 3D-sound effects and stereo music, of course. The visual effects include explosions, laser beams, various missiles, a transparent waterfall and lighting effects.
ISO Demo + Scans 62MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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