Blow Everything Up! Net 2007 SeaSoft / 2007

This is a dynamic freeware top-down multiplayer shooter with 3 game modes: DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Capture the Flag. The 2007 version comes with 11 maps and 10 weapons (from AK to Gauss Rifler), the new option to use a rope with a harpoon (to get around and run away faster), nocto, knife, throwing grenades and in-game chat. Players can choose a character and train their shooting skills with bots in singleplayer, and then go against real opponents in multiplayer including an in-game IRC channel. A map editor has also been included. Some changes to the previous version are the inclusion of new and revamped weapons, optimized network code, more voice taunts, new and updated maps, gameplay mutators and improved rag dolls.
Free Game v1.7.8 47MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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