SOS Atlas Third Gate Studios 2018

Early Access Release This is an explosive first-person-shooter experience incorporating low gravity arcade like combat and beautiful procedurally generated worlds where you and your friends will fight for survival against a dominating race of sentient robots, the Gorkrun. Fight side by side as a fellow footsoldier to capture and recapture strongholds. Protect the Norma region. Annihilate the Gorkrun with a variety of laser fueled weapons. Evolve through domination, mayhem and discovery to earn credits and call down powerful strategic mechs and lightning fast hoverbikes to turn the tide of war and force the Gorkrun out of Norma. Defend the Norma region and spill oil together as you crush the gorkrun forces with up to 4 friends in our split-screen multiplayer, or spill blood in our versus mode to claim bragging rights over your friends. Procedural Maps - Prepare for a myriad of worlds as you explore the Norma region. Procedurally generated landscapes, biomes, weather and control points will have every battle feeling new and exciting as you experience an insane amount of variation. Looking for some replayability? Use the Custom Biome tool, with this you can create and personalize many features to generate your own beautiful map.
Download: None currently available

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