Cypher Soenneker 2013

This is a fast online multiplayer platform shooter. Take the role of agents and infiltrate the government by hacking servers. By using explosives and other technological weapons, steal "Secrets" to bring your team and agency to victory. CYPHER features an updating system that distributes the latest version to all the players as the game is developed. An open environment supports single and team games, while the web leaderboard displays the top players. Controls are customizable, and the free lobby allows players to find games while they chat. Features: Entirely open environment with endless possibilities for strategy, teamwork, and sabotage; Free online lobby network that provides for chat and game matchmaking; Increase your hacking skills, strength and other attributes as your Agent gains experience with missions; Leaderboards display the top players across the globe; Automatic updating system so players always have the latest version; Intuitive and precise controls that gives players the opportunity to employ skill with advanced technological weapons, jetpacks, explosives, and much more.
Free Game 654kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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