Revoke Neun Games 2018

Early Access Release This is a VR arcade shooter with breathtaking boss fights. You play as Major Miya, serving in the Rebel army, who has found herself being hunted by her former comrades. Use multiple special modules on your bionic hands to survive. Deformation Canon, time freezing and more action moves will be added . Noan, a little boy nurtured by the Rebels, is the world's only organic human and treasured as the true saviour of the world. June, 2081, the first large-scale battle between Government and Rebel forces, the Battle of the Caspian Sea, broke out. The Rebel relied on Noan to wantonly incite the people around the Caspian Sea to confront the government, who duly sent troops to suppress the dissent. The battle lasted for two months and ended with Noan being kidnapped by Government forces. In January, 2082, Major Miya was sent to rescue Noan. After some trouble Miya was recalled due to seriously injury, here our story begins. With cutting edge technology, you can enter a crazy speed during fight, almost feels like time is freezing. Experience the engaging moment and deal with agile enemies. That could be the best thing of being a cyborg. Equip and change combat modules on your bionic hand to use different techniques. It can even transform into a super cannonball. Intense, crazy and fun, boss fights is the most exciting part in Revoke. More than "the bigger the better", the bosses are very cunning and sinister, be aware of a second stage conversion attack. Enjoy free locomotion with less motion sickness; Fluid game level process inspired by 90s arcade style; Moreover, enhanced enemy AI brings you remarkable challenges.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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