Banzai Royale Brimstone 2018

Early Access Release This is a top-down online shooter where contestants scavenge the map for weapons. Throw katanas and dodge roll past flying bullets in this fast-paced brawl to become the last salaryman standing. Do you have what it takes to survive a Japanese game show? This is a fast paced battle to become the last Salaryman standing. Contestants must scavenge for weapons, dodge roll past bullets, and escape the enclosing danger zone. Features: Jump into an online match of up to 12 players; Humorous combat; Out of ammo? Throw any weapon to deal damage; Dodge rolling past enemy attacks and give yourself a quick moment of invincibility; Track wounded enemies by following their blood trails; Chop up opponents with a Meat Cleaver and eat their flesh for health; Hit enemies from behind cover using giant bouncing shuriken; Duel with Flintlocks like a real pirate; Charge the Thunder Cannon for an electrifying one-hit kill; character customization - Stop opponents dead in their tracks with your high fashion and fantastic hats. So grab your katana and join the brawl.
Download: None currently available

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