Deep Space Waifu: Fantasy Neko Climax Studios 2018

A new incarnation of the deep space waifu series. A casual strip 'em up action game. Travel to the fantastical kingdom of Hentalia and do some clothes damage to giant girls. Meet lots of waifus from fantastical races, all waiting to meet you. Be a hero. Save the Kingdom. And slay some... monsters. The theme now is fantasy girls. This is a simple super casual shmup meant to be played even with one-hand. As the hero foretold by The Prophecy, travel the land and meet all sorts of magical and heroic girls in your to save the kingdom of Hentalia. Have your one handed sword ready... you'll need it. The King Bear is transported to the Kingdom of Hentalia... against his will. Now, he must find the mysterious thing and save the Kingdom... if he ever wishes to travel through the vastness of space again, that is. Features: one hand mode; epic plot; new skill system; unique bosses and enemies.
Download: None currently available

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