Last Tide Digital Confectioners 2018

Early Access Release This is a battle royale shooter sending 100 divers to the depths of the ocean. Avoid bloodthirsty sharks, locate equipment, and do whatever it takes to be the last diver swimming. Bloodthirsty sharks are constantly circling closer and closer. Prepare to be stalked by a variety of the deadliest shark species, forcing you to stay on the move or come face-to-face with their razor-sharp teeth. Master some of the world's most lethal underwater firearms and utilize the unique freedom of underwater movement to become an elite diver. Employ cunning tactics to take down enemy divers in thrilling and intense combat. Dive in alone or as a squad against other players in adrenaline filled matches to make your mark on the leaderboard. Challenge yourself to win against the odds by playing solo or with the artifact. Scavenge through aquatic environments like abandoned sea labs, sunken boats, beautiful reefs, and more to find the powerful gear required to take down your enemies. Avoid explosive depth charges dropping on the battlefield as they turn chaotic firefights into total mayhem.
Download: None currently available

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