SWAT: Elite Force 2006

This is one of the largest, if not the largest, and most expansive mod for SWAT 4. There's over 40 new pieces of equipment, including equipment cut from the original game, suppressed versions of the original weapons, grenade and wedge 3-packs, and new equipment entirely. There's more than twice as many types of ammo from the original game. Weapons are categorized by family (Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, etc) in the interface, so as to be easy to select. Less lethal more and realistic equipment is truly less lethal, not non-lethal. Tasers can kill the elderly and drug users, or those in poor health. Beanbags can break bones and fatally injure at close range. Bullets can realistically ricochet off of surfaces. Ceramic-plate armor breaks and degrades as more bullet holes punch into it. Lightsticks can be tossed across the room, or simply dropped at your feet, much like SWAT 3. Everything you pack contributes to Weight and Bulk. Weight, how heavy your equipment is, reduces your movement speed. Bulk, how large your equipment is, reduces your interaction, weapon changing, and reload speeds. Too much stuff, and you won't be able to play. The original SWAT 4 and Stetchkov Syndicate campaigns, combined into one. There is a refined unlocks system, designed to make the campaign more enjoyable to play. A second campaign. The new Extra Missions campaign will be adding cut missions, newly created missions, and curated custom levels with scripted encounters, new blueprints, and custom voice acting. In an All Missions campaign, you can load all of the missions from your hard drive (including custom missions) and play them through in singleplayer, with the AI. When creating a campaign, you can turn on Permadeath for either yourself or your squad members. With AI Permadeath, when your squad members become incapacitated, they are out of the fight for good. With Player Permadeath, if you die, your campaign is over. Campaign CO-OP - Help your friends complete their campaign. As you complete missions together, more equipment becomes unlocked, just like in singleplayer. Hitting the Zoom key will switch to fully 3D ironsights for improved accuracy. This feature can be disabled however, for the original game's zoom function (Weapons with a scope will use that instead of ironsights). Overhauled AI - The officer AI is much more deadly and efficient now. There are a number of new commands that can be issued to them, including Leader Throw and Clear, which allows you to be the one to throw the grenade of your choice. Or Search and Secure, which orders the officers to restrain civilians and collect evidence in an area around the player. Civilians restrained by officers are reported to TOC. Suspects have been altered too and given distinct personalities. Insane suspects for example will shoot at hostages without hesitation. Suspects may shoot at the player while fleeing from them. Lastly, hostages have been altered too, and may choose to give up easier when witnessing someone else become tased or pepper-sprayed. Order your squad through your voice. A cut feature from the game, you can order your AI squad members using an attached microphone and the Microsoft Speech Recognition API. Instead of navigating an interface to find the breaching command you want, just say "Breach, Bang, and Clear." Altered door mechanics. Doors can be breached with any shotgun, however the effectiveness depends upon which shotgun is taken (the M870 Breaching will always breach 100% of the time) and what ammo is taken. Broken doors can be closed, and wedged. Doors can be locked by the player by using the toolkit on the doorknob. Doors can be checked if they're locked using the melee key. Some doors may have traps on them, which may force you to take alternate routes. Side Objectives - Some levels may have drug evidence on them, which may be collected for additional points. On some levels, incapacitated civilians may bleed out and die, which may penalize your score slightly. Multiplayer Improvements. There is a totally overhauled and deep admin system, with more than just a simple administrator password. Chatting now displays the name of the room that the message was given in. Snipers work in multiplayer and can be controlled to shoot by the leader of a team. There is now a "Not Ready" button which makes you unready. There are new types of votes that can be held, and at the end of a round, the menu will display the next map name. You can now change your FOV with an FOV slider. Mission dispatches can be disabled. Most modern resolutions are supported without bugs. The crosshairs can be disabled. Whenever anything important occurs, like a penalty or an objective completion, the player is notified of it. Your stats in singleplayer are tracked and visible from the Campaign screen. Maps on the Host Game menu can be filtered. Over 100 lines of dialogue which never played in the original game due to bugs or missing content have been restored. Most of the bugs were fixed were from the expansion, which was quickly rushed out the door.
Download v6.0 + Patch 6.4 231+17MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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