Space Nightmare Microdem 1994

Very fast arcade action game, take your favorite ship and kill enemies on planets and in the space. Smooth scrolling in all directions. Animation at 60 frames per second. Features SUPER VGA 640x480x256 and VGA 320x240x16. Music and digitized sound blaster support. When starting the game you get to choose between one of three ships. Dynamite only fires forward, but is one of the faster ships, upgrades simply add more projectiles. Blaster is slower, but upgrades add increasing amounts of spread shots which can effectively blanket the upper screen with bullets. Lastly Cancer fires forward only at first, but upgrades add shots going backwards and to the sides equally. The enemies are mostly mobile air units of some type. They will often fire a burst of bullets directly at you, so dodging is absolutely necessary. The hit boxes for your ships are quite large. You can end up being trapped by several barrages and can’t avoid taking a hit. This wouldn’t be a problem if being hit didn’t take _all_ your power-ups, which leaves you very vulnerable. Whilst you can take more than one hit before dying, this is severely punishing.
Shareware Level Demo 720kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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