Terminator, The: Future Shock Bethesda Softworks / Virgin Interactive 1995

Once again Bethesda sends us to a postnuclear America to battle against Skynet and its robotic minions. You play a human who escapes entrapment by the Terminators. After escaping hostile enemy territory in the first mission, the player meets with John Connor, the leader of the resistance. From that point on, one plays as a resistance fighter. The setting is Los Angeles in the year 2015. SkyNet's uprising in 1997 has left most of humanity dead, with control in SkyNet's hands. All around is death and decay, scattered with remnants of a past society shattered. After Rampage, which disappointed even the biggest Terminator fans, Bethesda took more time and developed an in-house engine called 'Xngine'. This allowed for a detailed Los Angeles setting but also came with various bugs and graphic corruptions. The game consists of non-related missions which are linked through text messages and briefings. Thanks to the Xngine it was the first time that the now classic keyboard/mouse controls were put to good use. In the first mission you have to get across from a hotel to another building which really gives a sense of height which also wasn't seen before. Also you will be able to enter a jeep or a H/K aeroplane which requires different controls. It really feels like 3 different engines in one: walking/shooting, driving and flying. The missions are varied (although a fewer dungeon missions would have been nice) and are filled with surprises. Unfortunately Bethesda never got Future Shock bug-free which can spoil the game. Fans of the Terminator films will however spend many pleasant hours with this game.
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Full Demo 11MB ( @ DJ Old Games)
Full Demo 14MB ( @ Juego Viejo)
Full Demo v1.3 & Intro/Outro Addon 10MB+10MB (uploaded by bullthorn & Scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo 37MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in 1991-1996 Bethesda Terminator Games Fan-Made DOSBox Pack 444MB (uploaded by Molitor)
GUI Patcher to draw polygons and increase range graphics 739kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Browser-Playable/Download Shareware Level Demos v1.1 & v0.144 6.6MB / 4.2MB (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)

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