Rogue Agents M7 Productions 2017

Welcome to Rogue Agents, a Third person Cover based shooter. Bring in your friends and join the battle to become the best player of the Season and with each new season, you will get the opportunity to pull off your skills and make your way to the top of the Leader board by earning XPs. It's a multiplayer Third person cover based shooter that aims to bring a authentic experience to players in various environments. To make things interesting we made each Season based on a game. Each season comes with a new map based on that game. To start off with Season 1 we chose Uncharted, the beautiful city of Madagascar to show off our game's best. Playing the game will let you earn Achievements that will be stored in your Gamejolt Account to show off. Game Modes: From Team Deathmatch, Coop to Secure the Area and Heist, it tries to bring every mode with the dedicated Seasons. We also added a Course Mode for you to practice your skills. Select between 5 classes Medic , Recon , Engineer , Heavy and Assault.Each Class has a Unique Skill Equipment and weapons. The Medic has a Vector SMG and can drop Medkits, while Heavy has a Machine gun and can drop AmmoKits. The Engineer is equipped with a Shotgun and can set Trip Mines around the map to surprise the enemies with an explosion. The Recon is equipped with a powerful scoped sniper and can throw Smoke Grenades to hide in plain sight. The Assault is equipped with an AK74 and can throw Frag Grenades to eliminate enemies in groups. Select the class that suits your Play-Style and head on with against others. Customize your character to your liking, Each Season bringing in more customization content to the table. Select between numbers of colors/tops/bottoms/face, to make your character look however you want. Each weapon has 5 skins to choose from.
Free Game - Season 1 v0.1.1 634MB (uploaded by Game Jolt)

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