Deep Space Waifu: Flat Justice Neko Climax Studios 2017

This is a stand alone expansion following the events of deep space waifu: academy DLC. A simple super casual strip 'em up action game. Destroy alien colonies and do some cloth damage to giant women. Join the cops to discover the perfect waifu. The theme now is police women. This is a simple super casual shmup meant to be played even with one-hand. You are a member of the F.L.A.T. (Fabulous Law Application Taskforce of the police). It's up to you save the poor babe-ilicious beauties from the corrupted alien police threat. Live the King Bear's search for justice, on a quest to recover lost dignity and find the perfect waifu all while kicking the alien police butt. Features: one hand mode; an actual plot; new gallery mode; there's oppais too; 60 pieces of clothing to destroy; 40 milestones to the perfect score; 15 new corrupted cop enemies; 15 cards; 12 women with unique poses; 12 stages; 10 unique boss fights; 6 power-ups; 5 new music; 3 motorcycles; 1 sneaky bear.
Download: None currently available

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