Deathgarden Behaviour Digital Inc. 2018

Early Access Release Set in the near future, this revolves around a spectacular dystopian real blood sport that is the most popular entertainment on the planet. Players choose to team up as Runners or to embody the Hunter, a heavily armed champion whose mission is to kill the runners, preventing them from escaping The Garden - an arena that is different every time. The game is about the Hunter's and Runners' skills and the choices they make to take control of the map. Mixed with their agility, the map elevation helps create memorable moments where players hide, escape and outsmart their opponent using the terrain and buildings. Asymmetric Confrontation - Power vs Agility. In this fast-paced action title, one overpowered Hunter needs to hunt down five agile Runners, whom are trying to complete objectives as a team. Runners need to work as a team while the Hunter will need to break the team. A Procedural Arena: Each map is procedurally generated within the 'Garden', an arena-like complex where runners willingly enter to compete against the champion hunter. The map and objectives layout will be different each time; creating memorable moments where players hide, escape, and outsmart their opponents. Gameplay First: It embraces the 'no grind or pay to win' philosophy. All new gameplay content (biomes, guns, abilities & perks) will be instantly available to everyone so all players start a round with equal advantage.
Download: None currently available

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