P.A.S. Eforb 2018

Imagine yourself being sentenced to death, and the only way to escape is to participate in a television show, the rules of which are very simple: only one team should remain alive. A total number of players in the show is 64. In total 2 locations 2x2 km are prepared for battles. The radiation zone will force players to look constantly for new shelters and sooner or later come face to face. Traditionally, players can find weapons, armor, ammunition, grenades and first-aid kits at the location of players. But what did the organizers of the show come up with to make the show more spectacular and interesting? Features: 1 each armor has its own unique set of characteristics and helps to choose the right tactics of behavior in combat; 2 collecting credits concentrated on the location the player can use additional features in the game - turning into an object for camouflage on the location, activation of fighting chicken (Chicken Rush); 3 Even after the death the player continues to help teammates using the collected credit - to cure the team-mate; activate fighting chicken (Chicken Rush); throw a grenade; to replenish ammunition for weapons; replenish the player's grenade; speed up the player's movement by 20 percent; Increase the maximum player's HP by 20; put a sniper rifle in your inventory; increase the chance of critical damage to 50 percent. Well, of course, zombies will prevent you from getting close to places with top loot. There will be no time to be bored.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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