Thirdmage Aristotelis Giannakopoulos 2018

This is a third person spell-slinging game all about dominating your opponents in a free for all brawl. Inspired by Warcraft 3 mods and other old brawler games, this aims to bring back the feeling of drop in drop out fast and friendly games. Using a selection of dozens of different spells and hazards present on each map try to defeat your opponents and be the victor, each turn you get point that you can either invest in new spells or to power up your already unlocked ones. Each level has different elements, being melting ice boulders, moving platforms or rising lava requiring you to alter your selection of spells to have better chances at attaining victory and bonus points to boot. Features: Select amongst dozens of spells both offensive and defensive; Find your unique playstyle with your favorite combination; Select across a growing roster of different maps that promote different playstyle; Player hosted servers via the internet.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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