Pylow Codev Games 2018

This is an Fps arena, where every player can choose his clothes and accessories, the classes and the weapons to use during each game. We chose a low poly style, that guaranteed us a unique visual result that those who decided to follow us during our development, loved a lot. One of our most particular features is the animation of each character as soon as it dies, in fact who will be killed will swell very quickly and then fluctuate in the map, until someone else will shoot the mega balloon that will explode making it rain confetti. Features: Customizing the character, you can buy clothes and accessories from the store to make your character unique; Customize your weapons, you can customize your classes with weapons that you can buy in the store. Have fun killing with completely new weapons; Different game modes, team death match, free for all, game of weapons and many more; Simple and intuitive game mechanics, no slow speed only. On our maps you will be able to fight against opponents with different weapons: Sniper - if you like to shot your enemies while they're making something else this weapon is perfect for you... So, if you get this, you're not so strong but you can at least scary your enemies, so good; Cannon - oh, the word describes everything, it's a very big weapon able to one-shot the enemies. But if your aim is not so good you will be destroyed by them, so you got one shot, one opportunity; Machinegun - this is a not so powerful weapon, but you can shot several bullets in a very shot amount of time. So if you play with the trigger pulled for every single second of the match, that's for you mate; Shotgun - If you like the action, going in front of the enemies for letting them know who is f****** them properly, this weapon owns to you. The shotgun is a powerful object, but only if you're close to your enemy or in the worst case you will just make a very appreciable noise, the one of you brutally killed; Launchers - This is a mid way between the Shotgun and the Cannon, here you can shot grenades (as its name says). In game you can just spam a lot of grenades on the Battlefield and hope to kill someone; Blaster - shoots power bullets. It looks like a Machinegun but you can shot more cool bullets and maybe even have a better damage.
Download: None currently available

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