Front of Greed, The LightningSoft 2018

The world economy is turned into three big bloc economies; North America Federation (NAF), Neo European Union (NEU) and East Asia Union (EAU) in 2025. These bloc economies have extended economy markets and huge companies have appeared from the market. They have earned big money but natural resource was consumed quickly. This situation caused heavy inflation. The cost of material for electronic equipment, especially rare earth resources, has risen very fast. Many companies were struggling to solve this problem. One day, someone has found a rich vein of ore that contain rare earth resources in North Africa. This affair has occurred competition between NAF and EAU, and each country supported their company in secret to monopolize the resources. Features: Speedy Game - The battle between players progresses faster than other FPS. It reduces time to return to the battle line so that player should keep their tension; We have designed weapons easy to use and been trying to keep a balance among each type of weapon; The Levels are simple and closely built,which makes combats between players frequently. User Interface helps to know where players are and what is happening; We have added IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) for players to recognize enemies easily.
Steam Open Beta (uploaded by Steam)

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