Galencia Jason Aldred 2018

The 2017 Commodore 64 Game of the Year now available on Steam. Earth, 2017. We didn't listen to the warnings. We decided to ignore the decline of our bee population, and now their guardians have arrived. You must pilot the 1981 Galencia Fighter and restore order. Before its too late. Long live the Commodore 64 - Galencia 'Steam edition' runs in the vice emulator. It's a fast action shooter, just like the arcade classics of the 1980s. It has been an incredible success on the Commodore 64 and has now been repackaged to play on your PC. Features: 50 Action Packed Levels; Asteroid Fields; Challenging Stages; Boss Battles; Ebb and Flow difficulty curve; Siren enemy with Tractor beam for Double Ship Action; Introduction, Launch and Completion sequences; 6 Brand new SID tunes, unique to this project. New features for this Steam version: packaged to run without any configuration, click and play; joystick and keyboard support; new introduction; tweaked gameplay and graphics; auto loading and saving of hi-scores; a completely separate 'Easter Egg' game, written by Roy 'Roysterini' Fielding.
Download: None currently available

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