GalaX masaHG 2003

Wigert planet with highly developed machine civilization. The super electronic brain XeNON installed in the giant satellite Vector managed and controlled all the information and machines on the ground. Just a few years after XeNON began his first thought, gathering all the data on the ground and gaining all the wisdom of mankind, it "leads" himself to self. Directive to manage and control human beings to all machines on the ground was sent, and overnight major cities and military bases were controlled from inside. People are merely watching the situation without mastication, unidentified fighter aircraft are discovered in the underground dog of the military base. The small electronic brain that was equipped was not under development and functioning, and I did not receive the command from XeNON. Mankind put the last hope, refurbished fighter aircraft, and started. What's pretty interesting about this game is that your ship is able to hack enemies and by inputting commands, can do certain things like slowing down enemies, instantly kill them (excluding bosses obviously), and make them a temporary ally.
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Free Game 42MB (uploaded by Vector)

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