Defense: Abominations Ominous Entertainment 2018

The abominations have escaped, evacuate the facility. We can't let a single specimen out. Gather resources, build turrets, grab your trusty shotgun and prepare yourself for the madness. This is a first person tower defense game where you try to survive the abominations stored in the laboratory, as long as you can. Level up to unlock new defensive turrets and weapons while you rank up via online leaderboards. Battle all kind of abominations, from leftovers from a zombie outbreak, to dinosaur clones and creatures from other dimensions. Features: Level up - Obtain weapons, turrets and upgrades as you play; Action Gameplay - Don't just watch the turrets do their work, support them by joining the battle; Face the opposition - Battle against a wide number of creatures; An original soundtrack - Combat at the rhythm of awesome music; Steam Achievements - Unlock over 15 achievements as your level up; Steam Leaderboards - Will you be the #1 player in the world?
Download: None currently available

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