Operation Desert Road Diederik Groesbeek / XformGames, RewindApp 2016

This is a retro style arcade action game. Climb aboard your vehicle and destroy everything on your way. To finish a level it is enough to pass the finish line, but before reaching it, a multitude of enemies and obstacles will stand in front of you! More you destroy more your score will increase. You can also collect bonus points and tokens to buy new vehicles. Will you have enough agility to get to the end? Features: Unique design; Many levels with different environments completely destructible; 32 different vehicles with their own characteristics; Tens of successes to unlock in-game; Addictive Gameplay; Randomized gift system at the end of the game so you can win coins faster; Random vehicle purchase system at the end of level; A multitude of different enemies to explode; Sounds and 8-bit retro background music; R2D2.
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Miniclip)

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