Call of Duty: WW2 - Shadow War DLC Sledgehammer Games / Activision Blizzard 2018

This fourth DLC pack adds new maps and a new War Mode Mission, it will also bring an end to the game’s Nazi Zombies story, which is sure to go out with a bang. The final chapter of the Nazi Zombies saga is called The Frozen Dawn and is set to tie everything up. The heroes have to venture into an abandoned city to stop the undead once and for all, but they won't be facing this threat empty-handed. Sledgehammer claims that this add-on will contain some of the most powerful weapons Call of Duty: WWII players can get their hands on. Those zombies won't stand a chance. Shadow War brings with it three new multiplayer maps; Airship, Chancellery, and Excavation. All three maps have you infiltrating enemy lines, each bringing its own sense of danger. Airship takes you high up in the Alps, where you have the option of taking over an intimidating zeppelin. Chancellery has you carefully planning your moves as you try to take back a French stronghold from the enemy. Excavation is set in an Algerian mine filled with stolen valuables. Operation Arcane will be it's newest War Mode Mission. It will take place in a remote research facility in the Austrian mountains. It'll be up to you to steal the enemy's secrets and bring them back to the Allies. As this is a research facility, there will be advanced weapons and serums.
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