Do or Die Azimuthstar 2018

Early Access Release Fight against each other in intense VR Battle Royale skirmishes. Conquer the battlefield and escape with your life. Drop in an island full of weapons to equip, survive until the end or fight to escape alive. Explore a vast island full of weapons, vehicles and attachments. There will be numerous spots for you to strategically engage your foes and pick your fights. There are 8 weapons to choose from: Glock-18, Desert Eagle, B&T P26, Vector, Pump-Action Shotgun, M16, AK47, AWP, Knife. Each of these weapons offer unique playing experiences to the player. They are scattered around the island and can get picked up by you ... or your foes. There are lots of attachments for you to improve your weapon and better your effectiveness in battle. They are scattered around the world, you can store them and use the attachments on various weapons. The attachments present in the game are: Red Dot Sight, ACOG Scope, 15x Scope, Suppressor, Compensator, Bayonet, Laser. Around the island there will be lots of vehicles for you to drive around with. We have a unique way of driving these vehicles which is new in the VR world. Vehicular combat will be possible as you can pull out your stored weapons while you are driving. Apart from the normal battle royale action, the end game is different. It consists of 2 phases: Escape! - When the match reaches a certain stage, one helicopter will soar through the skies and release a ladder on a random safe area, the first player to climb the ladder successfully wins the "Escape!" phase and the match. Survive! - This is the last phase of the match and will decide who is the last man standing on the island, the energy field will fully close and the last player remaining will win the "Survive!" phase and will be crowned 2nd place in the match. YBots are agents sent by YCorp to disrupt the battlefield. They appear during the match and yield great rewards for the player. Kill them to get a chance at rare weapons and attachments, but be careful, YBots come armed and will attempt to engage in fights with anyone on sight. You can look good in battle. The cosmetics that we have in the game currently are weapon skins and character skins that can be obtained by the way of loot boxes. There are 2 ways of obtaining these boxes: YCredits - The in-game currency is earned by playing matches; Microtransactions (will be added in the future).
Download: None currently available

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