Last Operator, The Mean Mutt Interactive 2018

This isn't a story about the hero saving the day. The bad guys already won. This is about justice. Return to the classic tactical shooter in VR. 2 Game Modes: Campaign - Play through the story mode's 10 missions to acquire evidence against Monolith; VIP Hunt - Return to the scene to eliminate MSF VIPs. Singleplayer VR with tactical gameplay which requires planned approaches and accuracy. Objective based missions with randomized objective locations each playthrough to encourage replayability. VIP Hunt missions with dynamic patrol route for VIP to encourage new search areas each playthrough. Receive orders at the start of your mission, choose weapons, attachments, get mission map and it is up to you how to achieve your task. Open maps allow you to make your way through the level based on your preferred approach. Modern weaponry - Assault Rifles, SMG's, Pistols, Shield. Manual reloading. Selectable fire modes (single, auto, burst) depending on weapon. Attachments - Magnification scopes, Red Dot, Holo, Laser sights, and Offset rail mount. Limited ammo means you gear up at mission start and must be resourceful until you come across a weapon stash in the field. Unlock missions as you play through the Campaign. Missions are available for replay any time after they are unlocked. VIP missions are unlocked after the associated Campaign mission is completed. Unlockables from completing missions: Unlock main weapons and sidearms; Unlock attachments; Unlock vest and glove color varieties for your uniform. 4 Enemy difficulty settings for a variety of experience levels. Main Menu area with Mission selection, post mission debriefing, and an indoor target range for testing unlocked weapons. Tutorial level provides a description of game features, an outdoor shooting range, and a mini mission for each of the game modes (campaign and VIP Hunt) to get familiar with the game mechanics.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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