Violet Detector Shanghai Alice Phantasmus / Mediascape Co. Ltd. 2018

This game is Touhou 16.5 in the series. Secretary Yukari Department First Chairman Usami Yuko - She can visit Gensokyo only when she is dreaming. But one Sunday I had a strange dream. Hakurei Reimu has set off an attack without any reason. Besides, I never woke up from a dream even if I passed, and I was endlessly attacked by Reimu. She was at a loss and thought of having fun for the record. As soon as I put the barrage in my photo, I woke up from a dream. Then somehow the memory of reality became ambiguous, and the days that bothered by the nightmare continued. Choose the day you want to capture on the left and right, then select a barrage dream and a short stage will start. If you set your opponent's physical strength to 0, that scene is clear. But if you hit enemy bullets, I will start over again. However, even if you destroy the enemy, it will not be cleared if you do not take a picture. You do not have to clear all barrage dreams to see the story. Clear only the scenes that seem to be clear, let's proceed. When the photo gauge is 100%, you can shoot by pressing the PHOTO button. You can erase the barrage that you put in the picture. It is essential to capture the inescapable barrage. Also, when you shoot a boss, you can give high damage. (The closer you are to the center of the picture the higher the damage it is.) Finder mode: Keeping the PHOTO button depressed lets you move the focus frame for a certain period of time; However, since the pictures are getting smaller, when you get used to it, shoot as close to the boss as possible. Percentage display near the player is a photo gauge. You can shoot only when it is 100%. The gauge will automatically increase. If you hit the shot against the boss it recovers slightly faster. Furthermore, if you leave the SLOW and PHOTO buttons pressed, you can "fast charge" instead of shooting shots. When taking pictures, estimate evaluation points are attached to each. Evaluation points are evaluated comprehensively according to: the number of shots taken; the boss in the photograph; the subject is reflected, etc. Only the thing with the highest score among recorded pictures will be recorded. In other words, even if you take a number of pictures, the score is only one picture of the highest score.
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