Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Season Pack Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix 2018

This includes seven monthly DLC packs, each bringing a new Challenge Tomb, weapon, outfit, skill, and side mission to the game. The season pass is priced at $30, but you can also purchase each separate DLC for $5 except for the final tomb which requires you to have finished the game's main story, and is exclusively made available to season pass holders only. Five of the seven DLC Challenge Tombs will be playable in co-op where both players see themselves as Lara Croft and the second player as a side character. In this case, the second character was Kuwaq Yaku villager Abby. Each DLC ties its challenge tombs in with a side mission and character, lending the puzzle-solving experience a narrative hook. Each tomb can also be revisited in Time Attack and Score Attack modes. The former records your best times completing the tomb, while the latter sees you collecting wisps of light and shooting glowing lanterns to increase your score. These modes will also be made available for the game's existing tombs. The Forge (Nov 13) is a lava-filled Challenge Tomb that tasks you with climbing a rotating tower. In our time playing through the tomb, we came across plenty of pitfalls and explosive gas vents that sent us to an early grave on a few occasions. Using the same gas vents to propel ourselves around on swinging pendulums was a clever twist on the obstacle. Reaching the end granted us a Grenadier skill, used for crafting grenades.
Download: None currently available

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