Exchange CharlerMaster / threeW 2018

Early Access Release This is a Low Poly multiplayer first person shooter madness. Includes 4 different class, 7 different map and 3 different game mode with weapon and character customization. Current Features: 7 Different Maps; 4 Different Character Classes; 10+ Weapons; 3 Different Game Modes; Weapon Customization; Character Customization. Make a difference to your enemies on the battlefield with 4 different Character Classes: Attacker - Make a difference in combat with a fully automatic rifle; Raider - Become the winner of close fights with a heavy-duty rifle; Hunter - Take the lead a way in battle with full-head shots; Guardian - Make the safest attack with your shield and your semi-automatic weapon. Weapon and Character Customization: With more than 10 weapon skins, 20 different weapon parts and 20 different character customize objects, make moves that will change the course of the conflict and be at the forefront with your style; 5 different sights, handles, lasers, lanterns and different cosmetic accessories; 4 different costumes and 10 different masks; Game mechanics with interchangeable sights. Maps and Game Modes: There are 7 different maps, from a moving ship to the ruins under nuclear pressure, multiple game modes can be played on each map; Team Death War; Everybody; Robbery (CTF). Developer Route Map: Mac and Linux Support; Level and Rank System; More Maps; Improved Game Dynamics; More Weapons, Customizable Classes; New Game Mode; In-Game Items; Steam Statistics; Steam Achievements and Steam Cards; Steam Workshop and Inventory Support.
Download: None currently available

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