Abyss Sultan Sultanov 2018

Early Access Release Let me introduce a full-fledged RP project. This is a multiplayer SURVIVAL action which takes place in the vicinity of an abandoned city. The locals called this place "the Abyss". After global disasters, the state structure fell and the world was mired in anarchy, the locals were divided into 3 groups (factions) Union, Sunrise and Vandals. Faction of the Union: the Main objective of grouping the unification of all the inhabitants in the "new state" and restore legality in the territory. Sunrise: this group does not share the interests of the "Union", they want to live in the current state of the world, to study and adapt to it. Vandals: Just a collection of bandits who have no conscience and morality. You can also be a "lone wolf" or to gather in small flocks of these same individuals. The possibility of factions: The map will be a lot of settlements and objects that have strategic advantages for the groups, the war for them - can not be avoided. Death / injury systems: In the game an elaborate system of injury and death. The player, depending on the injuries, can survive or die. This will depend on how the player is killed and displayed as a percentage. If you are not lucky, you will start to play anew. This system is designed to make players think more about their lives in the game and it was of great value. Trivia game: Also I would like to mention the domestication of dogs, it can become your faithful assistant...think about it. There are recipes and instructions in the game that you need to learn to then create items. In the future, there will be a system of professions and crafts, you can choose an occupation that will be to your liking and will allow you to interact socially with other players, as well as help you earn on this.
Download: None currently available

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