Garden Variety Body Horror: Rare Import Jupiter Lighthouse Games 2018

This is the bloody disgusting, unsanctioned followup to last years sleeper non-hit PROTOTYPE MANSION. In this all new survival/adventure you play as HANK, the idiot B-story partner who must SOLVE, PUNCH and HEAL his way through an unimaginable garden-themed existential nightmare. Investigate a fog filled estate, solve puzzles, fight horrific monsters, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of bad Japanese dub (English subtitles included). Back of CD case reads: HANK MAKER is separated from his partner and hopelessly alone while on call to a foggy island. He must now shovel his way through an existential crisis of guts, gore, and gardening. What other nightmares await our idiot cop from disc 1? Features: Japanese dubs and English subs; Classic style survival-horror gameplay => tank controls optional; 32-bit low-poly visuals, janky models; Campy humor, gore galore, FOG; Puzzles of the cryptic kind.
Download: None currently available

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